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WealthVision is one of our primary financial planning tools. It allows us to collaborate with clients to update their financial goals and track their progress over time. We are also able to provide each client with a dedicated client website where they can link all their financial accounts, real estate, insurance, and other financial data, including their bank accounts to track their spending habits. On top of all that, the client website includes a Vault with unlimited document storage for you to house all your important documents.

Client Centered

Studies show that irrational decision-making costs the average investor an estimated 1-4% in portfolio returns. That is why at Citadel Financial Planning, we work with clients to help them uncover and understand why they make certain financial decisions by leveraging Atlas Point’s innovative behavioral finance tools and technology by uncovering their financial virtues, strengths, and blind spots

Understanding your financial virtues and strengths helps you to improve your overall financial well-being and quality of life. Each virtue (Wisdom, Courage, Knowledge, and Humanity) combines a unique set of character strengths. These virtues and their associated strengths are based on character science and positive psychology. We each possess a combination of all four virtues and strengths – yet we tend to express some more than others. Understanding how you express your virtues and strengths may impact your financial decision-making.

On the flip side, there are also several blind spots that we may be subject to as well that have negative impacts on the decisions we make – but being aware of those blind spots will only help you improve your financial decision-making.

We have partnered with one of the financial service industry’s most innovative companies when it comes to measuring risk. An investor’s risk tolerance is a crucial component when implementing an investment strategy. The Riskalyze Risk Assessment pinpoints exactly how much risk an investor wants – eliminating the stereotypes that have made traditional risk tolerance assessments increasingly obsolete. Additionally, Riskalyze provides us with the capability to accurately measure the amount of risk in your investment portfolio and make recommendations to bring your portfolio’s risk in line with your pinpointed risk tolerance. The Riskalyze tool is a critical piece of technology that makes our planning even more impactful.

We strive to deliver truly comprehensive financial planning for our clients. That means engaging in all aspects of our client’s financial life, especially their taxes. By leveraging Holistiplan’s industry-leading technology, we provide our clients with both short-term and long-term tax planning solutions. Whether it’s forecasting your upcoming tax liability, pinpointing the optimal amount for a Roth conversion, staying on top of your RMDs, or modeling more complex scenarios for small business owners, we have the resources to engage your unique needs. Holistiplan also makes it easy for us to collaborate with your tax professional by providing them with detailed reports on all the actions we took throughout the year and summarizing our recommendations moving forward.

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